Addicted To Shoes of All Sizes

Hello, my name is Sam and I’m a shoe addict.

I’m addicted to footwear. Not in that creepy foot fetish sort of way, either. Although I think I am obsessed enough about my feet in the way I treat them, baby them and take care of them I may have developed some sort of fetish with my own feet. But alas, that’s subject matter for perhaps a totally different blog and website.

I am not kidding when I say I pamper my feet. I think it goes back to growing up and watching my mother and the things she had to do to give her feet a break after wearing poorly sized high heels in the office all day. When I look back on those days with all the knowledge I have now I wish the internet had existed and that websites like this one were available. At the very least it would have been helpful if mother had a shoe size chart to reference. The added information would have made it so much easier on her if she knew that the reason why her feet were so sore was because she wore the wrong style of shoe for the work environment and a size too small.

Why I Started This Shoe Size Conversion and Review Site

My interest in shoes and various other forms of footwear pretty much came from that point in my life. I usually ran around barefoot, which is still my preference, but when I need a shoe I can match the right shoe for the activity or event and never suffer from calluses, painful pinching or any other condition as I have devised a system that I’ll teach to you. The first part of that system stems from sizing. In fact, I like to say that I really do know that size matters!

Why Shoe Size Matters

Here’s why. Not all manufacturers’ use a standardized sizing which is why a shoe labeled 10 that was made in China will fit differently from a size 10 made in the United States. Even in some cases a casual shoe labeled 10 in the United States will fit differently that a size 10 designed for active sportswear. Add to this the confusing requirement of converting American to European sizes, or vice versa, and there’s no wonder so many people claim there’s something wrong with their feet and not the shoes. Hey, even some women will see their shoe size actually change if they retain a lot of water during certain times of the month and at different times in their lifespan.

This is why it is so important to learn your perfect shoe size, under excellent conditions and order accordingly. I have pairs of shoes that are in half sizes for different times of day and for different times of year as my otherwise pristine size 9 can fluctuate. Yes, I said it, my perfect feet do suffer from a case of the blah’s from time to time but if you dig into my website I hope to save you a lot of the pain and suffering my mother had to endure. She was employed in an industry in a day and age when women who were working in an office setting were expected to be leggy with heels on. She managed both of those requirements well. While the hint of career advancement was in the air, the reality was that the practice only resulted in foot pain and conditions that lasted for years.

Shoe Conversion Made Easy

Let me save your feet from that ever happening with this fun little website of mine where you will find handy handy shoe size conversion charts listing popular brands to help you find your perfect fit. Also, I’m including reviews of some of my most favorite shoes, just in case you want your feet to look like mine, and I’m even going to offer for your convenience to to those very shoes so you don’t have to try to look for them at a later time and date.

If you love shoes as much as I love how my feet feel in the properly fitting shoe, we are going to get along just fine. You will discover in a short hurry that the next time you are shopping for shoes you’ll want to consult with me first!