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Fit Flop Shoe Brand Review

As I’ve told you already a few times, I love the stories behind the creation of my favourite shoe brands. I can’t get enough of the details that come from the creative minds that come up with practical solutions to everyday footwear issues.

One such story is the history of Fit Flop. The idea for this brand came from entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore who was in her 40s and very successful with a line of cosmetics known as Soap & Glory. It was in 2005 when she started to shift her attention to footwear. Her past was far from charmed. Kilgore entered the world of business with just $300 in her pocket after a move to New York where she was a personal trainer. That job was to assist with paying the bills and following a few ups and downs she launched Bliss Spas in 1990 which was followed by Soap & Glory.

She created the FitFlop brand of active footwear in 2007 and by 2010 over six-million pairs had been sold. Talk about a true rags to riches story. You could finish the story with the cheesy line of “…and the rest is history” but the story isn’t over yet as you can become part of it with your own pair of FitFlop shoes. I love the way the shoes fit and look and if you know anything about me you’ll understand that when I’m in a dressy mood I like to have everything match or at least look as if I put some thought into what I wanted to wear to work. There was too many times I got dressed in the dark and paid for it later. The FitFlop is an easy piece of the ensemble that doesn’t take much work to try to blend in with the rest of my outfit. The styling and colours are what catch my eye first, but wait until you get a pair of them on your feet and you’ll agree that it is like you are walking on pillows.

I wish I could just give you a pair to try but I can’t. However, I can give you some help and advice. The help comes from the handy shoe size chart you’ll find on this website. It will help you with shoe size conversion once you measure your feet in centimetres. The advice part comes from me urging you to purchase your new Fit Flop shoes online at

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