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PalladiumWhen I discovered I had a fixation of sorts for footwear I couldn’t get enough information into me about them. Aside from reading just about every fashion magazine ever published that mentions the word ‘shoe’ even a single time, I also studied the history of footwear and footwear companies. I figured, if I think I’m an expert on shoes, I better be able to talk the talk since my closet can already verify I walk the walk.

I’m my pursuit of all things historical about shoes and boots I found a few interesting nuggets. The history of Palladium is one such example. The company was originally founded in the 1920s but not to manufacture shoes. The company was put in place in order to produce tires for the relatively new aviation industry and actually did just that using what was considered an extremely advanced process of layering bands of canvas underneath a layer of vulcanized rubber. It was such an ingenious construction that pretty much anything that flew in Europe was wearing Palladium tires.

When aircraft manufacturing slowed after the Second World War, tire demand also hit the skids. Rather than dying with the industry, Palladium jumped into the footwear industry with the construction of a plant in France. I’m not sure how that happened, but you can bet one of the guys on the night shift probably made an offhand remark along the lines of, “I’m tired, let’s make boots!” and the rest is history.

By 1947 the company introduced their Pampa boot which became legendary as it wore as well as the tires the company was once well-known for. The French Foreign Legion got their hands on the boots and soon adopted the brand as their ‘go-to’ piece of uniform that survived many tests the Legion put them through. This is what I truly love about the history of this brand. Can you imagine a world-recognized entity like the French Foreign Legion taking on your brand and sending you a telegram later saying, “These boots rock! Set us up with a few thousand pairs!”

Palladium boots continue to be a contender in the shoe industry with the manufacturing of boots that are durable, functional, practical and comfortable. Anything matching those qualities is worth a closer look. Add to that over sixty years of their cutting edge processing and contemporary upbeat and fashionable styles, you can’t beat these gems.

There is nothing I like more than a great pair of boots when I’m living my life to the extreme hiking, biking or just playing in the woods. I know that Palladium has me covered and will keep my feet protected and comfy. That’s how I want you to feel when you use my website. That’s why I’ve posted a shoe size chart so when you measure your feet (in centimetres) you can do an easy shoe size conversion without the confusion. Once you complete that you can visit my favourite online new shoe source for Palladium shoes –

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