Paul Green Size Chart

Paul Green Shoe Brand Review

Stylish and high end – that’s how I would describe Paul Green shoes. Those are good things, by the way. I have a few pairs but wish I had more. The unique leather styling of these shoes make them stand out to where I only want to wear them on very special occasions. Even the sneakers designed as part of the Paul Green collection are showroom quality. I love the look and I love the fit. These are worth every penny and they do cost a few more than the average amount of pennies for shoes but are affordable and you need to remember these are not some sort of disposable shoe you toss out once you get them wet. The Paul Green line is described as versatile, fashion-forward designs enriched by supreme fit and quality.

The company that produced Paul Green footwear was founded in 1988 in Munich and has followed a basic philosophy where the focus rests on design and individuality along with quality and variety. The shoes carrying the Paul Green name are all lined with leather with padded insoles which make these probably the most comfortable shoes ever made. The company says one of the reasons why the Paul Green brand stands out is that they rely on using raw materials of a high quality combined with superior styling, comfort and contemporary designs that lead to an exceptional product.

They get no argument from me on those points at all. These shoes are so good that I can sometime hear them calling my name from my walk-in closet. Not loud, but just audible enough to remind me they are there. The footwear branded with the Paul Green name is exclusively manufactured in Europe with their main factory located in Austria and additional ones located in Croatia and Bosnia. The company had a total of five hundred employees in 2014 with an additional 15-hundred employees in sales departments of their production partners and the shoes are available at selected retail locations.

The different categories of women’s shoes available in the Paul Green line include ankle boots (my personal favourite), ballerinas, boots, half-boots, lace-ups, peep toes/sling pumps, pumps, sandals, slippers/moccasins, sneakers and a line of products identified as warm lining. Not only do I have ankle boots in this brand, I also have a pair of pumps that make some of my other pumps look like Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters in comparison but that’s only because the Paul Green ones are amped up a couple of notches from my other ones, which are just fine.

One of the main problems we face when buying new shoes is getting the correct size. I have a handy shoe size chart right here on this website and in order to find your size you just need to measure your feet in centimetres and do the conversion on my chart. After you find out your correct shoe size I suggest you visit for the best online selection and prices of Paul Green shoes.