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Sperry Top-Sider Shoe Brand Review

I love a good shoe story. My favourites cover the spectrum from fairytales like the beautiful tale that revolves around the glass slipper that only fit on the foot of Cinderella to the scary ones about fist fights over a ‘Buy One – Get One Free’ sale on a famous brand name.

In addition to these I really love the story behind the Sperry Top-Sider. These wonderful boat shoes burst into the market in 1935 having been designed by, oddly enough, an avid boater. I think this is why I love this shoe story so much as boater Paul Sperry wanted a shoe that was non-skid in tread design so he wouldn’t risk injury while out enjoying a fabulous day on the deck of his watercraft.

If that doesn’t give the Top-Sider a chunk of character and charm, wait until I tell you how the design was conceived. Sperry’s cocker spaniel, Prince was running across a frozen pond in Connecticut and his ability to not lose traction and slip got Sperry thinking. He examined Prince’s feet and realized that the canine foot pads had a series of cracks and grooves that allowed a gripping action on slippery surfaces. The process of splitting a shoe sole into a herringbone-type pattern is known as siping, named after John Sipe who invented and patented the process in the early 1920s. Winter tires on most vehicles use the same technology for traction on ice and snow. So in a way, we have our four-legged friends to thank for helping us stay on our feet in stormy seas.

As you can imagine, boaters wearing non-slip shoes became all the rage and the Sperry Top-Sider became crazy popular and continues to be to this day. The white sole of the boat shoe is a unique feature that prevents leaving marks on boat decks. It was in 1939 when the US Navy got onboard and had the shoes manufactured for its fleet crews.

What makes the Sperry Top-Sider a winner in my books is that is started out as a practical solution to a common problem. I’m hoping you see my website in the same way by using my shoe size chart to make it easy when you measure your feet for shoe size conversion. There is nothing I hate more than measuring my feet and having to do some form of complicated math to figure out what size I’m supposed to wear. Hopefully I can save you that discomfort with this website and also can save you money by suggesting you visit Amazon.com for your new Sperry Top-Sider shoe purchases.

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